Thursday, August 20, 2009

Barney Frank Blasts Women who asks Nazi Question?

You know back in the day, in 1940's Germany if someone spoke out about Adolf Hitler they were not treated very well. In fact some just disappeared and some were flat shot dead. In 1930's Germany it was a little different. Before you could be shot, they simply beat you up. Before that, they ridiculed you and discredited you. My point is it got progressively worse for doing nothing more than asking questions.

I'm not suggesting that Obama is Hitler and the Democrats are Nazi's

But when you look at what's going on, you can find many, MANY similarities on what the Nazi's did. When you find similarities you begin to wonder and ask questions. Apparently we have reached the level where you can be discredited and ridiculed, by our own leaders nonetheless. HHMmmm The Nazi's sent thugs to be loud and do their dirty work. Now our leaders are doing it themselves. I guess our government is different after all.

Check out this video of Barney Frank explaining how our Government health care would be different from the Nazi's Government Health care.

Kinda looks like ridicule and discrediting to me???

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