Monday, October 5, 2009

ACLU at it again! Take the cross down it offends me!

The ACLU wants a Veterans memorial in the Desert that has stood for 70 years to be taken down. The memorial is a simple cross that they say represents the governments endorsement of a religion. It's a simple cross in a rock in the desert! It's there as a memorial to fallen heroes of a past war. Why does The ACLU has continue this fight to secularize every facet of American life? Could it be because America is now one of the largest Muslim nations? Why is it that so many groups have come to protest against moves like this but the ACLU and organizations like it keep winning these ridiculous battles?

I think these are some important questions we need to ask ourselves and our representatives in Washington. Is this how we really want our country to change? Do we want to live in country where the religious beliefs of most of the citizens and our founders fathers is supressed because of those who find it offensize and simply can't understand it?

This has got to come to an end!

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