Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama is the most intelligent President ever! Really?

Michael Bechloss once told Don Imus that Barrack Obamas IQ was so high it's off the charts. When Don asked him what Obamas IQ was, he admits that he did not know the actual IQ. Many others since then have made similar claims about how clever and wise our great leader is and more importantly how much more intelligent he is than Bush. Well I'm going to pose a few questions for all to consider.

  • If Obama is so smart why did he not know about ACORN getting so much money?
  • How did he not know about Van Jones being so radical?
  • How did he not know about the Tea Parties?
  • He sat in Rev. Wrights Church for 20 years but he didn't know how radical he was.
  • He did not know that the deal he received from a huge contributor Tony Rezko was much better than normal.
  • Also he forgot that he made a promise to use public financing for the general election if his Republican opponent would do the same, oops.
  • He traveled to Copenhagen with 2 Jets to cheer lead Chicago for the 2016 games not knowing that Chicago was the least favorite choice of the IOC .

The smartest person ever to be President of the United States forgets and doesn't notice an awful lot.



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  1. He's tied with Carter for the worst/stupidest president we've ever had.