Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wow 2

Boy in the balloon really? Unlike many people I thought the boy in the balloon was a hoax before the boy slipped up and told the reporters it was for a show. Now the family is going to have charges brought against them. I'm not sure how I feel about that but they probably deserve it.

So the government is not going to raise Social Security Benefits since the economy is flat, but have no fear. You will will receive a $250.00 check compliments of Obama's new plan to assist those who rely on those benefits to get by. Is this really assistance or is it vote buying? Why not just raise the dam check? $250 would amount to $20 a month. What's the difference? If you ask me Seniors will hardly notice a Jackson more each month and the Obama administration loses by making zero impact. Instead they tell them sorry, no raise this year, but since we know you're in need well give you $250. BAM! Obama impact!!!

I really want to know why no one other than Fox is pushing Obama hard on all the transparency issues and promises he made. What happened to all the open debate and posting the bills online? Why is it that now they need to do everything NOW, NOW, NOW! And no one is calling them on it, except Fox News. The Senate actually debated on and ultimately decided not to allow the people to see the preliminary Baucus bill. When did it become acceptable for them to decide to not keep the Citizens in the loop? I did say Citizens, not Subjects!!!

And this brings me to the war on Fox News. Is you ask me the Obama administration and the Democrats can war against Fox News all they want. Humans can be expected to do the unexpected at almost every turn. But we are predictable creatures. And nothing can more predictable than humans wanting more of something that they are told they can't have. So KEEP IT UP! the more you tell the world Fox is BAD the more people who don't usually watch Fox will turn it on to see what all the hype is about. They might even ask themselves, why didn't I hear that on MSNBC?



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