Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gingrich Backs the WRONG Choice in upstate NY race

Newt Gingrich has chosen to back a Liberal with an (R) next to her name instead of a real conservative. His excuse seems to be that upstate New Yorkers know best so who is he to question them. He seems to be OK with the local upstate Republican Party who decided to run a Liberal. I like the idea of him running for president in 2012 but I'm not sure he has the right mind set if he's going to be OK with his party making decisions like this. Part of the problem with our country right now is that too many people are allowing a political party to make their decisions for them. I thought Newt Gingrich would know better.

If we as Americans are going to fix this country and return it to it's original glory we need to start making better decisions. We need to make our decisions based on ourselves and our values. If a politician is not showing values that mirror your own, don't vote for them! you don't need to agree on every single issue but you should be able to relate. If we keep allowing others to make these decisions for us we deserve what we get.

Doug Hoffman is not a career politician, he's a businessman and just the kind of person we need more of right now. He is not endorsed by ACORN and Nancy Pelosi is not a fan of his nor is he a fan of hers. He understand taxes and the effects they have and he's a military veteran.

Click Here to learn more about Doug.

His opponents are a Liberal Pelosi Democrat and a Liberal Gay Marriage and Acorn supporting Republican. Dede Scozzafava (R) is endorsed by the NRA and most of her official positions look good on paper (or the web) but how do you expect to get Conservative support when your OK with ACORN?

Everyone needs to look at this race, it doesn't matter if you're not from New York. If he can get elected in New York we can prove to the country that the Tea Parties are not just a fad. You also need to watch this and be prepared for it in case a race like this pops up in your own home district.



10/31/09 - Newt Gingrich is now Backing Doug Hoffman after the Liberal Republican Dropped out and announced her support for the Democrat Bill Owen. It took the Liberal dropping out and supporting the opposition to drag the support out of him, but we got it done.

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