Saturday, October 31, 2009

Double Speak Free Speech Thought Crime

I agree with a quote I recently read. I am told this quote is by a man named David Baird, "Right Thinking depends on knowing what is true, so Right Actions cannot come from things that are not true". I would like to expand on this and say to ever say, "true or not true is irrelevant" is in itself a doorway to wrong thinking. It is never irrelevant to know what is true or not true.

That may seem like a logical statement but sadly I've been hearing this come up more times than I care to admit.

Some recent examples:

When Bill Clinton did Monica, the administration at the time claimed the allegations to be false. Clinton and all his supporters swore it was false. When it was proved true the defense changed to, well who cares if he had sex with her, No one cares about the sex life of a political leader. If it didn't matter why did they lie?

When George Bush claimed Saddam had WMD's and we found none, everyone screamed He Lied, He Lied. Many asked, "Was it a lie or was it a mistake based on bad intelligence"? It didn't matter the consensus was Bush Lied? Even though much of the data we had went back to the Clinton administration and if it were a lie it was essentially a Clinton lie and not a Bush Lie.

Fox News reports on many stories involving socialists in the current administration. They fire back, "Fox Lies"! But do not address the issues. Van Jones is let go (fired) on a Sunday Night and it hardly makes the news, except on Fox. Ron Bloom Obama's Manufacturing Czar says the Free Market is a joke and we agree with Mao. Anita Dunn is Obama's Communications director and she gave a speech to a High School graduating class were she admits the two philosophers she turns to most are Chairman Mao and Mother Theresa. Hardly a word of this gets out, except on Fox. When people do begin to question, we're told she was joking. Really? Fact or Fiction? Double Speak or Thought Crime?

And those are are just a few examples, those of you who follow the news and world events surly know of more, both from the right and left side of the spectrum.

I make a personal habit to not attack anyone, but when someone throws socialism in my face, YES I WILL ATTACK BACK! SOCIALISM is bad for America, that is my view and I'm sticking to it. I will not associate myself or my views with someone who thinks any part of socialism is good. That is why I say if someone likes socialism so much they can move to a socialist country and leave America free. People from all over the world do not come to America because they can't wait until it turns into a cease pool like the place they fled from.

I'm sick to death of hearing people tell me not to discuss religion and politics, it's not polite. I ask why? It's just not nice, or people turn mean when you disagree with them. We should all get along. Well that might work for you while your hitting that bong and saving the planet one tree at a time, but I ask if your argument holds water why can't it stand up to some real debate? Why does Al Gore get away with selling Global Warming but when someone with a microphone try's to ask some serious questions they get shut off? Why can the schools preach to your children about being green when the science is unclear but a god of any kind is out of the question? Isn't putting your faith in a fat man who fly's around the globe and believes eating meat then farting is going to kill the planet is kinda like believing that Santa Claus is going to bring gifts this year? Why is it OK to force that point of view but we can't debate it, because if you don't believe you're somehow a radical. Are the people who push this stuff not the radicals?

Where did this idea come from that Americans should not talk about politics or religion?

I believe many folks in this country were raised the same way, and I believe it's wrong and part of the reason we have the mess we're in. I'm sorry if that offends anyone, I mean no disrespect by it and I won't think less of anyone who sticks to this policy, but it goes against everything this country stands for. My grandparents came from a place were to speak out sometimes meant a bullet might find it's way into your head. Being NICE and not making waves translates into Liberal Political Correctness which I am adamantly opposed to. Political Correctness will ruin this nation if we allow it to. Our founding fathers did not sit idle while others spoke of tyranny. They believed that to be quiet was to give acceptance, Those who did not speak out against what they believed to be wrong were themselves co-conspirators of the tyranny. Because of presidents like Woodrow Wilson and FDR people taught their kids to be quiet and to be respectful and not talk about or share their own opinion if it's wildly different. (PC for don't make waves by sharing your own opinion) You know what happens when you speak against the Government. The Government tends to come after you.

Well the same things are again happening and I will not sit and wait for America to Change into something I don't believe in. My Grandparents taught me to ask questions and to speak my mind because that's what free people do. They came here to be free so they could speak and live the way they choose. and that is what I will continue to do. I will teach my children to question authority when it doesn't make sense. I will teach them that there are no stupid questions and just because you see something on T.V or in a movie it doesn't mean it's real. Even if the man in the movie is an ex-Vice President. I will also teach them that teachers can be and will be wrong once in awhile because it's human to make mistakes and it's critical to know how to think for yourself. I will continue this way until the black car comes to take me away. And if that black car comes for ME, I certainly won't be the first. I only hope I'm not the last.

I love this country and I think there are many people who only want to see it fall so it can be transformed into something very different than the country we love. A country that many fight and die for so we can continue to be free and speak our mind. This is why we must make some hard decisions now as to who we will choose to lead us into the future. What will that future be like? Who is going to choose which doctor you will see? Who is going to choose the temperature you set your furnace? Who is going to choose if you eat steak or sprouts? Who is going to choose what your children will do for a living? Will it be your choice or will you allow someone to make the decision for you because it's better that way for everyone else?



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  1. I think that there is going to be opposition and questioning of the validity of any accusation against a person, by people that are extremely vocal on either side of the political spectrum. That is a given, and should certainly not be contrived to be some sort of interference with free speech.
    It should be widely known that a person with a microphone can be cut off, if they go beyond their allotted time, or use some kind of speech that incites violence, or even if they use vulgarity to the extent that the vulgarity diminishes the strength of the opinion being expressed. This does not infringe on that person's capacity to express that opinion. It only cuts off their capacity to express it in a way that is uncivil, damaging, and detrimental to society. The opinion itself, no matter how distasteful or against the grain it goes, is not the issue.. the presentation of that expression is the only issue that people have trouble getting past.
    Also, when Bill Clinton lied, it did not seem to have much of an overall effect towards our country.. Whereas when Bush lied, we then have to question why we went to war in the first place, and what else he may have been lying about, in regards to what the Middle East has done. Clinton sleeping with that woman did not cause our servicemen and women to die in vain.

    I want the truth.. not a bunch of emotional rhetoric.

    PS- Great blog, Mikey! =)

    From- a fellow libertarian