Thursday, October 22, 2009


People standing in Line waiting for Obama Cash. Another fine example of why President Obama was elected. People actually believed a hoax that money was going to be handed out, just handed out here you go a check for you thanks to Presbo. Is this really where we are now?

TARP Money is lost. Inspector General say tax payers will not be paid back. Well there you have it. Not like anyone who understand how these work really thought we the tax payers were ever going to see any of that money back anyhow. They were never going to write us a check. If they raise taxes or when then raise taxes to help pay for it, it's not like we were going to see a major tax cut when the money was paid back. The whole thing was just another fine example of smoke and mirrors.

H1N1 Vaccine is still not widely available and normal flu vaccine is on back order in many parts of the country. Man I can't wait for National Government Health Care! I only hope it's just as good and timely as the flu vaccines and not worse.



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