Monday, March 29, 2010

The Coffee Party says they are not uncivil like the Tea Party

More on the Coffee Party.

They are actually trying to position themselves as a group who will get together in these little jam sessions and then decide for America what we really want. The most distressing thing to me is how they are buying into and perpetuating the idea that the Tea Party is now uncivil, violent and racist. Am I the only one who is wondering where they are getting their money from. Tea Parties just kinda happened, people showed up, with hand made signs and a message. These guys start up one day, and they got a website, leadership, Logo's and online tools. They even have their own marketing materials. Curious, so am I? One thing is for sure, this group is filled with people who call me a "Teabagger" and have no love for the Tea Party Movement. I'm going to keep my eyes open on this one, I suggest you do the same.

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  1. Annabel herself said she wasn't to familiar with the tea party other than information she has gotten from media. She also said some of her friends told her she was wrong, and she said she probably was. I'm just discouraged that you would be against any group of Americans that want to try to solve problems.

  2. As I am one of 10 people that showed up at the second meeting of the Champaign Coffee party, I have to say you are very wrong Mike.

    We aren't "deciding" for america as a whole. We're just going directly to whatever Congressman we can, to talk, and ask questions. That is what this entire thing is about.

    Are there people showing up at these meetings across the country that believe that Tea Partiers are nuts? Yes. BUT! We know that not ALL are that way!

    If you can't deal with the fact that the Coffee Party is not waving signs, and screaming chants from a sidewalk in D.C. to get things done, tough.

  3. Mike,
    Is there a fast passed judgement here related to the Coffee Party. I only relate this too the local one that Billy and Steve and some others whom are getting involved and off there butts, similar to what you and sara have done.

    If you judge the whole group as one, that would not be any more fair than the Coffee Party judging the whole group of Tea Party attendees.

    I guess what I am saying is if the Video is why you commented the way you did, and it is only based upon that, that is one thing,

    however if you immediatly assume the group that Billy and Steve are in are exactly the same,without going to a meeting first, to see the people there and there thoughts, then you would be no better than what you accuse the liberals doing, when they put a label on the Right when not all the right are the same.

  4. I did not attend the meeting that Billy and Steve attended but I did spend a few minutes on the Facebook page. Long enough to see that "Teabaggers" are not allies. My post is based on the video, the leader of the Group who admits she does not know about the Tea Parties in one breath while saying we are violent and uncivil in another. Kinda like saying I don't have all the facts but I think the police acted stupidly. If that's how the Leader feels It doesn't really do the rest of the group justice.