Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Tea Party movement is not the same as the 60's Hippie Radicals but it's close to the Freedom March.

I am not an official Spokesman, there is no real spokesperson for the movement. I'm really tired of seeing us trashed by the media. In my opinion from I'm seen and witnessed as long as I've been involved with the Movement.

  • The Tea Party is made up of real Americans.
  • We love our Freedom and our Liberty.
  • We love our country.
  • We do not apologize for the U.S.A
  • We are sick and tired of Big Government.
  • We do not envy Socialism.
  • We want to solve our nations problems as much as anybody, but we are not willing to trade any more freedom to do it.
  • We do not care about Party
  • We will back Politicians from any party as long as the stand on their values, swear to protect and defend the Constitution and will not allow laws to be passed that go against it.
So far to date no Tea Party has gotten violent. The idea that we are all violent and hateful racists is very exaggerated. If you have any questions about this, go to one and check it out. There will be a bunch coming up soon on or around April 15.

After you check it out, ask yourself if the treatment in the press is warranted. Then think back or open a book if you need to and compare Dr. Kings Freedom movement to the Tea Party. The Media and Most Politicians had a very negative perception of him and his marchers. One paper actually said, "they were paving the way to violence".

Things that make you go hhmmm.



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