Saturday, March 20, 2010

Immigration reform now!!! SEND THEM ALL BACK HOME!!!!

I'm glad there will be an immigration reform on Capital Hill Sunday, I hope INS attends. Can you imagine how much better this country will be if we can have real Immigration reform. Fewer illegal immigrants taking jobs from Americans. People who can actually speak English. A strong border protected by force with fear of death.

Wait, what did you say? Those knuckleheads want to give illegals amnesty. WHAT! They are ILLEGAL!!! How does that make any sense at all? What's next, murder reform, rapist reform? Murderer and rapist amnesty where all who commit these crimes can have the slate wiped clean.

How do people even justify this? I say we need to fix the system by making it tougher not more lenient. This country was made great by immigrants who came in through the front door. We need more of that and much less crawling in through the sewer while refusing to learn our language and abide by our laws.



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