Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coffee Party

Well I'll be honest, it sounds like this Coffee Party is a trendy way for Moderate Liberals/Progressives to make it sound like they are more of the solution than the problem. Cooperation in Government sounds good, but we are where we are because of COOPERATION over the last several decades. What makes the Tea Party so unique is the fact that so many people who previously would not use their voice are now saying loud and clear, WE DO NOT WANT YOU MOVING TOWARDS THE MIDDLE!!! WE WANT YOU TO STOP AND MOVE BACK!!!

If this Coffee Party Group is smart enough to realize that Government working together means that the Democrats need to work with Republicans and Libertarians instead of blocking them from the process than I might be willing to listen, but if this is just another group saying the Republicans need to stop being the party of NO, than I wouldn't give them any of my time. Many of us are supporting the Party of NO concept because that is what we want. We want NO MORE of the Liberal Agenda being forced down our throats while being told we will smile and like it.

I agree with those who say our political leaders need to be brave! they need to be brave and vote NO! That's the brave thing to do. Listen to the people and not the threats of Pelosi or Emanuel. Be Brave, and start over with a real solution to the problem.



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