Friday, March 5, 2010

Government Jobs Pay Good These Days

What happened to the old principle that Public Sector Workers make less since they receive great Benefits that far exceed what most in the private sector receive? How is it that all the latest reports show that the median difference between Public Sector jobs and Private sector jobs is now $11,000.00. That's a large difference for people who work for the public. Is this an accident? I don't think so. Pro Government politicians know it's always hard to reduce the size of government and it's nearly impossible to cut their pay. So the more highly paid bureaucrats there are the better for those who only want to grow the size of Government.

This also helps those same politicians gain support at election time. Who's going to support the person who wants to cut your pay or eliminate your job. If the Large Government Liberals and Socialists can grow the size of government to a point where it along with Union Labor exceeds that of the private sector, it will mark the end of Liberty in the United States of America.

Can you imagine, a country where kids grow up dreaming of getting a Government job instead of running their own business or working up to leading a strong successful company. I'm not talking about Policeman or Fireman but Bureaucrats. Can you imagine, Does Billy want to run his own business? NO, he wants to work in the office of Labor and Statistics. It pays a six figure salary and has life time benefits along with promotions on a regular basis that are only based on length of service and require no exceptional work his behalf.

Pretty sweet deal, don't you think?



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