Monday, March 8, 2010

Stop the CFPA

Stop the CFPA

The House has passed legislation to create a massive new government agency to regulate consumer financial products. This new agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) would have unprecedented powers and authority to determine the types of financial products consumers can choose from. In fact, the bill extends far beyond traditional financial services products to a vast majority of the economy – in short creating a new regulatory overlay over the entire business community.

The U. S. Chamber supports more effective consumer protection that is centered on ensuring consumers have access to clear and concise disclosures about risks posed by financial products, and on weeding out the fraudulent and predatory actors.

This bill grows the government, putting new restrictions on consumer access to products, reducing choices among products catered to the needs of individual consumers, and driving up the costs of these products by making it more expensive to develop and offer them. It even goes so far as to dictate and require “plain vanilla” products, assuming federal bureaucrats know what is best for consumers.

Lastly, the bill is a direct affront on the privacy and security of consumer financial information. The CFPA would have unchecked authority to request and hold account information from financial institutions – including information regarding the type of account you hold and your balance.

Stop the CFPA

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  1. Quit,making laws that make America lest competive
    Quit spending money we don't have. Stop passing laws that know one in the business community or
    can afford.Know wander there is 10% or better unemployment in the country.