Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Reform

Now that we have Health Care reform I think it's time that we get reform for Life Insurance and Auto Insurance as well. For to long now those insurance sectors have been screwing the American People over by not allowing us to buy insurance after we have wrecked our car or after a loved one has passed away. It's only fair, that we eliminate these restrictions on pre-existing conditions in all areas of insurance.

It's also not fair that they inflate their rates for young drivers and those who have banged up a few cars. They sit back and collect all those greedy profits by using these deceptive business practices. Life Insurance Companies charge huge premiums for people who have a history of Cancer and if your spouse happened to have already passed away before you had a chance to buy insurance, they will leave you out in the cold.

It's really about time our Congress does something about these situations. Americans deserve better.

Cheers Comrades,


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