Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 SOTU

President Obama is a good speaker, whether he uses a teleprompter or not. Much of his speech tonight was the expected Rhetoric with a softer tone than his last SOTU. Missing from this years speech are the comments suggesting that he inherited the mess from the last guy. Also missing from this speech was any mention of removing our troops from the Middle East. New this year were comments suggesting that he is ready from more free market participation, but this is a far cry from his actions so far during his first 2 years in office.

He made a comment about need for simplified Tax Code. Maybe he's thinking Fair Tax? Yeah Right!! He also promised us that 80% of the Nation will have access to High Speed rail. How exactly will this happen? I'm not sure where he got the idea to include this in his SOTU address but it's a pipe dream, it's simply not possible, not while he's in office. High Speed rail is so expensive and so hotly disputed right now he couldn't make good on a promise to provide 6 major cities high speed rail much less 80% of the Nation.

The tone of this address shows that President Obama realizes he is being watched closely. He acknowledges we are listening to him and paying close attention to his actions. Now it comes down to what he will actually do. Will be continue with the global interventionist policy both parties have adopted? Will he allow for more free market competition?

Only time will tell. (But I'm not holding my breath)



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  1. A good test of a moron, (assuming they can read) is to give him a card that says "How to keep a moron busy" and then "turn this card over"

    On the other side, the card says the same thing.

    A good test of political morons is the Farce tax. Oh, I mean the Fairtax.

    Oh it sounds great, and I was a fan at first. And we need to throw out our present tax code completely, that part they have right.

    But everything else Fairtax is pure bullshit.


    Fairtax fine print -- go see what it is (one sentence) and why that exposes their bullshit.

    Since you probably won't go to that blog, let me tell you here.

    Fairtax fine print has a massive new tax, for about a trillion dollars, that they didn't even mention for 10 years, and when they mentioned it at all, they said it sorta under their breath, in ONE sentence.

    Their math depends on this massive trillion dollar tax, but the tax is impossible and insane, which is why they hid it in the first place.

    I contacted their spokesmen to explain this fine print and trillion dollar a year tax, and I show you their explanation.

    Even morons should realize Fairtax is bullshit when

    1) They know the fine print

    2) They know Fairtax leader's excuse for the fine print.

    3) They know WHY fairtax had to hide this massive new tax.


  2. The Provision you point to is pretty clear. It's in the book "The Truth" as you point out. It's not being hidden at all. Whether you like it or not, well that's your choice but I see no reason to make exceptions for Government. The whole point of the Fair Tax is to make it simple and eliminate the exceptions.