Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seating Buddies for State of the Union address


Now there will be Seating Buddies for State of the Union address. This means the R's and D's are encouraged to sit next to one another during the speech. This is to show unity between the parties. B.S. This is nothing more than another smoke screen attempt to blur the lines so the folks who do not follow politics day to day will not see the typical one side cheers while the other is silent routine. This does nothing but make it more difficult to determine who supports the bullet points he will choose to share on Tuesday. This will also make it much more difficult to determine who supports the House Attempt to repeal "Obama Care" as well as other current hot button issues soon to be decided.

Why is everyone so concerned about how it looks. The two sides are opposed to one another on many issues. That's how politics works. This change is purely cosmetic, it's all about image. The Democrats were all about elections have consequences in 2008 and 2009 now they are going do everything they can soften the blow of the 2010 elections, because they were absolutely correct elections do have consequences. In 2010 those consequences marked an end to the Socialist push by our President.



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