Monday, January 17, 2011

Did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stand against Judgment?

I heard something yesterday that made me think differently about the legacy of Dr. King. You hear so much today about what he stood for and what his message means but often we forget to look at his words and his actions. It it suggested by some that he stood against judgment, that he believed we should not be judged by one another. Dr. King if often held up by liberal activists as a beacon of hope for various movements that fight against favored bias. Many of these people forget or overlook that if King were alive today he would be written off as just another wacko from the religious right.

Dr. King told us himself that he dreamed of a day when people would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. He did not suggest that we should not be judged, in fact he suggested that we would always be judged. His main concern was that judgment be meaningful and substantive. Consider this the next time someone holds out MLK Jr. as justification of their stance. Look at their Character and ask yourself if it's genuine or if it's a ploy to gain credibility.



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