Saturday, January 22, 2011

Atlas Shrugged becoming more real everyday!!!

A popular topic by those who fully understand what's going on in our Country today is how Ayn Rands greatest work "Atlas Shrugged", reads like a manual on how the U.S. will evolve (Or de-evolve) Those of us like to point out characters in the book and explain how they fit into todays society. The man many like to point to in place of Wesley Mouch is Tim Gietner or even Ben Bernanke but neither in my opinion really fit. Over a year ago some were suggesting Jeffrey Immelt might be one who best fit this character and that was well before he was given a real seat at the actual table of government power.

Jeffrey Immelt has been appointed by President Obama to lead a new White House panel to work more closely with big business. Immelt as CEO of GE Corp has already used his corporate resources to help the administration and the agenda of President Obama. Some of his past actions are highly questionable and lead some to ask whether they were not purely political. GE is now heavily invested in Green Energy at a time when it's mostly the Government and not the Free Market pushing for more Green Energy technology.

Now Immelt will be more involved in assisting other big businesses on how to reduce unemployment while working more closely with the current administration. This leads me to ask, what will happen to those who don't work closely with the current administration? Is Immelt Wesley Mouch? I don't know, but he looks like he wants the job.



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