Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rep. Jared Polis show his ignorance

REP. Jared Polis thinks that there is no such thing as a person or a baby that has never accessed the Health Care system. There are few things I'd like to comment on here.

  1. There are many citizens who are fighting for the freedom to not be forced into mandatory use of the Health Care system. They do not want to be forced into use of a hospital for giving birth. They do not want to be required to give inoculations and they most certainly do not want Obama Care.
  2. The Democrats forced "Obama Care" on the Nation because of all the people who did not have access to Heath Care, in particular the children. Now this Democrat says, "Every Human being in this country has access to health care". His words, not mine. If this is true doesn't that make Obama Care completely unnecessary?
  3. Mr. Polis said, "if you find that baby and identify them, than I'd be willing to have that conversation". Perhaps we should be sending evidence of these to Mr. Polis's Attention so he may be better prepared for that conversation.



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