Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Danville, IL SOTU Drinking Game

The Time- 8:00PM Central Standard Time
The Place- Your pub of choice

If you can't make it out, play from home.

Alcohol need not be a requirement, the game can be played with anything.
Leftists may prefer to use Kool-Aid

The Rules are simple.

Hope = Drink
Change = Drink
Applause = Drink
Any Mention of Corporations, Wallstreet, or CEO's = Drink
Civility = Drink
Any mention of Republicans or Bi-partisanship = Drink
Use of the code word "Investment" which means more Government Spending = Drink

Anyone Shown Sleeping = 2 Drinks
If John Boehner cries = 2 Drinks
If anyone Yells Liar = 2 Drinks

Any Mention of Obama Care =Shot
Green Energy = Shot
Gun Control = Shot

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  1. Watch your language! "Shot"?? Good Lord, you're going to push people over the edge!!!!11111!!!!!eleventy-one!!11

    Wish I could partake, but I have to work. Sounds like a blast though haha

  2. Hey Mikey, you forgot the word "invest" or "investment" I think they should be worth a 1 oz drink. you know what I mean...I just didn't want to use that hateful rhetoric and say the word "SHOT".

  3. Good Catch Art, Problem solved. I made it a standard drink, I was afraid to make it a shot (I'm hateful), we'll probably hear that word at least 3 or 4 times I imagine.