Thursday, January 20, 2011

Religion and Libertarianism

Religion and Libertarianism are natural allies. Libertarians do not care what religion you practice as long as you refrain from forcing this religion onto others. The only time a genuine liberty minded individual will squawk at religion is when said religion begins to force itself onto you either through violence or the worst case scenario government endorsement. Even atheist Libertarians who denounce the very existence of a higher power will often fight for your right to practice this belief. Religion in return holds out hope to save as many unbelievers as possible. Christians tend to embrace this as a challenge always reminding the other side that their door is open when they are ready.

There is however a force that goes against both of these philosophies. Totalitarianism or any political ideology that nears it, must do away with both the religious as well as the individualist in order to rule. A government must eliminate or suppress expression of faith in order to gain full control of heart and mind. This must of course include any person or group who only want to make decisions for themselves. It's time people of faith take a good hard look at the political climate and decide their position in the battle at hand. Who is really on your side?

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