Monday, June 15, 2009

Bill Mahr sticks it to Obama "This isn't what I voted for"

Finally we are starting to see some of the Liberals come out from under their rocks and admit that this Obama guy isn't what they thought he was. Bill Maher an Uber-Liberal has begun to speak out against Barack Obama's over exposure and his need to actually "do something". This is something that we have needed to see for awhile now.

I used to watch Bill Maher on Politically incorrect. I used to think he was funny. I think he slide farther to the left since then and now I can't hardly stand the guy. He's entitled to his opinion as every free American, but I think now, he's mostly just a crazy radical Left-Winger. That said him voicing his opinions now about BO is going to be positive for us over on the right side.

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