Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama to give "Friends with Benefits" new meaning.

Ok, so if your heterosexual you need to be married in order to gain benefits for your F*&k buddy, sorry I mean Husband or Wife. But now if your homosexual you can get benefits for your husband or wife, or F*&k buddy. Wait a minute, how does this work?


This is a joke. Well really, it's not. This is real!!!

Forget protecting the sanctity of Marriage. We're going to open the flood gate and let anyone you have sex with get your benefits. Is this what Obama means when he said he was against Gay Marriage. He doesn't want to see gays marry, he simply wants to give them all the perks without the commitment.

People were worried that Gay Marriage would lead to folks marrying their dogs. Well I'm thinking it might be more serious than that. How many relations are we going to give the benefits to? Does it matter if a Government Employee gives 2 or 3 or 10 partners their benefits.

Hey Barack, How about we come up with a legal standard for all first, before we start handing out benefits. I'd like to see some kind of legally recognized union before we dole out more freebies. That said I don't think we need to jump to marriage, but let's get one issue resolved before we get into another. I can't see how this would help anything. It seems to me it would only adds complication.



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