Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Review for Fleeced by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

A new idea of mine, is start giving brief reviews of books I enjoyed. This is my first one, I hope you find it useful/informative.

Fleeced is good piece of work for those who might want an eye opening account of how politics really works in this country. It focuses on the 2008 presidential Campaign and events that have lead up to it. As the title suggests the book focuses on how People are fleeced by politicians and the tricks they use to pull the wool over our eyes. Dick Morris is a political insider who once was a political consultant for the Clinton Administration. He also has worked as a Pollster and currently as a Commentate and Contributor.

This edition takes a close look at how events have effected our lives and makes predictions on how our history will unfold if Liberals retake control. It explains how the media has used their power to distort and control the the perception of the American people. Also, it explains the true power of big business, big labour and the even larger Lobbyists.

Give this one a try if you're in between reads and looking for something different. Fleeced might be the next book for you.

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