Monday, June 29, 2009

Supreme Court Over Turns Fire Fighter Case

Score a point for Common Sense. This is the outcome I was hoping for even if I didn't expect it. This case will now get allot of coverage since "Miss. Latina" Sonya Sotomayor went against it while serving on the lower appellate court. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I've gone back and forth a couple times, trying to decide whether this shows her inability to rule effectively or if it shows how well she abides by precedent. I guess it depends on much you read into the precedent Liberals want us to to follow and believe in.

The Liberal view which has commonly be accepted on this matter in large part thanks to Progressivism, is that the 14th Amendment applies only to minorities. In other words we cannot abridge the privileges or immunities of a minority but somehow this does not apply to members of the dominant race. The precedent which was set in the 1873 decision on the Slaughter House Cases said "the amendment was primarily intended to protect former slaves and so could not be broadly applied." This is why courts have maintained for over a a century that it was more important to protect blacks than to protect whites. In others words it's OK if whites are treated unfairly as long as blacks are treated more fairly.

An interesting point I think most people are not aware of, in most other countries reverse discrimination is illegal and frequently tested and upheld. Only in the U.S. where we have Affirmative Action, is Reverse Discrimination openly accepted. I know this is a pipe dream but maybe just maybe the Supreme Court Ruling today will be the beginning of the end for Affirmative Action.



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