Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Will the real Collin Powell please stand up?

I would like to hear from Colin Powell himself on why he seems to have shifted his loyalty so far the the left. Does he consider himself a Democrat now? I've been hearing and reading allot lately about how he went with Obama because he's black. There has got to be more than just race at play. Powell was on the Regan Team as well as Both Bush Teams. The Obama team is so far in the other direction that something has to give.

Colin Powell could very well have been President of U.S. had he chosen to run. He declined after declaring himself a Republican in 1995. He won the Vice Presidential Primary in New Hampshire based on Write-in votes (A race he did not officially run in). In 2000 He campaigned for John McCain, but then supported Bush after he won the primary. Why did he not support John McCain again? Was it simply race? Or is there something else?

We know politically Powell has been a Moderate on Military issues. If you believe some of the stories that have gone around like scenes from the Movie "W", he was not happy about how Bush Jr. handled Iraq. If true he did not like the approach Cheney pushed though and Believed the U.S. going back to Iraq was a bad idea. Was he in fact so upset about how it all turned out that he decided to stick it to his party? Did he feel like he was used a pawn?

There are allot of questions that need to be clarified before we hang Mr. Powell out to dry. Many of these can only be answered by him, so let's give him the chance to set the record straight before we pack and ship him off to the Democrats.



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