Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FEMA to use Foriegn Assistance in Exercise

The Liberals cried when the Bush administration FEMA used Blackwater in New Orleans. Now this??? US Soldiers alone might not follow certain orders, where Foreign Soldiers would have no issue at all. Sure they say this is for terrorism prevention from outside the U.S. But if terrorism happens outside the U.S. why do we need Foreign troops here. Wouldn't they have their hands full in their own countries? Wouldn't we just shut our borders? Doesn't it make more sense that this type of exercise would be more for something intenal? Kinda sounds to me like they might be preparing for that armed revolt some are talking about.

Can you imagine what would happen?

Hypothetical situation:
> The US People rise up against thier government demanding leaders step down.
> BO calls in armed resistance
> Our Soldiers refuse to fire on Citizens
> FEMA brings in the backup from other nations

Scared yet?

OK, OK go ahead call me insane. I'm not really one of the "Nut Jobs" out there but this kind of thing could happen. Those people who are sitting comfy at home thinking this is imposable and will NEVER happen are just as Nutty as those insisting it should and will happen.

I'm just suggesting that we think about things a little before we make a snap decision one way or the other.

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