Monday, June 29, 2009

Proposal to my fellow 912 Members

I would to like to propose an idea that would allow us to decide which of our representatives may be worthy enough to keep their position. For awhile now I’ve been working on the premise that we would like to kick all the bums out. I have however come to the unfortunate conclusion that this is an unlikely scenario. Working on this premise I have been trying to come up with a litmus test of sorts that would allow us to know which of out current legislators are willing to work with us the 912er’s
I think it would be in our best interests if we keep it simple at first. Start small with manageable bites. Perhaps a list of 3 items that they are willing to work towards on behalf of change WE (the912er’s) can believe in. This is a list of items I propose; please feel free to share your thoughts.

1. To introduce or endorse a bill that would bring Term Limits

2. To introduce or endorse a bill that would bring true Election Finance Reform.

  • This should include measures that would end Lobbyist influence. I would be OK with a measure that would end all paid lobbying.
  • A mandate that would make it easier for multiple candidates to run in all Federal Elections by making public funding options available and required for all candidates. This would erase the advantage of Independently wealthy individuals and those who are well connected from having an upper hand in elections.
  • A rule that would require News Networks to give equal coverage to all candidates. They could of course opt out and provide no coverage if they choose. But if they broadcast a 5 minute story on 1 they need to provide 5 minutes to all, period.

3. To respect the 9 principles and 12 values

When I first came up with these I was afraid I may have bitten more than can be chewed. But the more I go over it I can’t shorten this list at all. If a candidate cannot agree to these 3 simple requests they don’t deserve our support. We need a plan; I say we distribute a letter to all our Congressman and Senators making these requests and promising to field a candidate who will if they won’t.



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  1. If you find the right person I have the right plan