Saturday, June 27, 2009

H.R. 2454 Climate Change & Energy Bill Passed, Shit!

This could be the most dangerous piece of Legislation (All 1100 pages of it) that has passed the house in a long, long time. The amazing thing that I still can't get my arms around is how many people are falling for it. Just like everything else of late it's a huge emergency. We need to do it right now or else.

Politicians have had the idea of Cap and Trade for some time now, it's not a new idea and they couldn't get it done before. Now the Congress and the White House are both controlled by Democrats and they're hiding the same Cap and Trade BS in a Climate Change Bill. A bill that does very little (2 tenth of a degree) if anything to actually help Climate Change. And that's only if you buy into the man made climate change theory, which has not been proven as of yet. There is plenty of evidence and many Scientific People who suggest Climate Change is a naturally occurring part of our planets life cycle. Add to that the data that show our planet has been in a decade long span of cooling, and it begins to scream that the science is unclear.

The effects this bill will have on us the American People, if it gets through the Senate are just as unclear. What is clear however is that we the Tax Payers are going to pay for it. How much it's going to cost is the real question. Some suggest that those costs will amount to a postage stamp a day. Some think it could literally double some of our Utility Bills. Either way, why is legislation being pushed through when there are so many unanswered questions? This is yet another fine example of legislators wheeling and dealing, doing what will benefit themselves over what will benefit us.

If you're concerned about this Legislation I would urge you to contact your Senators and make your feelings known.

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