Sunday, June 7, 2009


I came to a realization this weekend while camping under the stars at kickapoo. Some of the most simple and natural things in life are the most enjoyable. I doubt many politicians go camping or speak to many that do. I doubt many spend any real time outdoors. I suggest this is the reason that Chuck Shumer and his buddies on the Hill don't think americans really care about pork. He hasn't spent much time with many real americans. Only the ones who wish to benefit from the pork.

I believe another reason for this lack of understanding is that career politicians are
always simply doing whatever is necessary to get re-elected. This constant bid for re-election puts them into postion to dote upon those who provide funding while ignoring real americans. This in my opinion is one of the largest problems with our current system of government.

True funding reform and term limits for congress seem to be two areas of our current system that could only improve matters. Individuals who wish nothing more than to be in a postion to make policy are the last people who should be trusted with the responsibility. Only persons who will reside and work with others who must live with those policies are best suited for the task.

The founding fathers created possibly the greatest system of government imaginable. A system of government were the people truly have the power. A system with a Federal government only as strong as necessary to keep us safe from foreign danger. We have let it morph into something much like the systems found overseas. Systems which have failed.

The fathers never imagined that a free people would willingly move towards a system with less freedom. A system much like the one the original colonies fled from. A system with a direction if not changed will only lead to history repeating itself once more. I'm not a political scientist but I venture to guess that the situations going on right now will be viewed by future historians as a turning point in the american experiment.

(It's amazing what thoughts can be stimulated with a little fresh air, clear sky and a camp fire.)



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