Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama Media Dying Down

President Obama in the last week has received some of the hardest questions I have heard asked of him since he was elected to the office. The Media is finally showing signs that what some have called the "Love Affair" may finally be coming to an end. We even saw an interviewer try and trap Obama by claiming President Bush's comments suggested his actions were treacherous. Even though these tricks are not very practical it's good to see that our president is finally being treated like a president and not just a high society social lite.

President Obama also today stepped up his language on the situation in Iran. Finally!!! I think he only did it because John McCain was getting very vocal on how soft he had been since the Iranian election. It's hard to imagine we elected this man as president. It takes 12 days of riots where peacefully protesters are bullied and beaten, a women is shot and possibly many more than reported are dead. To compare this to how Regan handled situations is really a joke.

Hot dog Diplomacy, Really!!! Regan is rolling in his grave.



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