Monday, June 15, 2009

Teacher Tim Latham Fired

If a teacher can be fired for being to Conservative we have a real problem in this country. Well the problem really seems to be that so many teachers lean to left on most political issue. Why is that? I think it may have something to do with the heavy unionization of the teachers in general.

I think it's evident that we have a huge problem when during the last election cycle we heard story after story of incidents involving Conservative views being silenced. We heard the story of the Child who wore a McCain Shirt and was told to turn it inside out because it was causing a disturbance in class. We heard about the Students who debated with their professors, supporting the conservative side of arguments and then getting reduced grades. Now a teacher is not renewed. A teacher who was asked, "How can you support that women"? Referring to Sarah Palin. And told he simply didn't fit in here. The same teacher who was told his website was TOO patriotic.
(Does that mean his site had many links about the joy in paying taxes?)

Where were all the stories about students who got in trouble for wearing Obama Shirts? Where where all the stories of the students who supported Obama and received lower grades. Where was the evidence that our schools slant to right right side of the political spectrum? I remember Charming videos or Students Singing "Change" and "Yes we Can" in class and the Schools who supported this. I personally witnessed in my home town, Schools who had all kinds of Obama literature and stories posted everywhere. Missing were the stories about McCain.

As long as we allow our schools to indoctrinate our students we are going to keep moving towards total Liberal Control. We need to pay close attention to those who have a impact on the development of our Children. This does not just simply include the Grammar Schools and High Schools. You need to research the College your sons and Daughters want to go off to. The Universities are filled with this kind of indoctrination.

We need more teachers like Mr. Latham, not fewer.



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