Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Letter to the RNC

I borrowed this from a fellow 912 member.

To the RNC:
I have answered your question in regards to 2009 Republican Party
Census Document. I am unwilling to contribute financially to the
Republican Party at this time due to the following reasons:
1.I believe the current leadership of the party has strayed from the
people that support it.
2.I believe that current leadership has lost sight of the values and
principles of the people who support them.
3.I can not see any difference between the Republican Party and the
Democratic Party at this time.
4.I believe that there are too many Republican Elected Officials that
are more interested in retaining their elected office then they are in
representing the people that elected them.
5.I believe there are too many Republican Elected Officials that are
only interested in what power they can gain.
Until the Republican Party has candidates that are willing to run on
honesty, values, and principles I am unwilling to give my hard earned
money to support the current way business is being done.
There is a great many of us out here that are dissatisfied with how
our country is being destroyed. Some of us have decided to not just
vote party the line anymore, we will be researching and watching all
potential candidates to determine the best candidate for the job. I am
willing to vote for Republican Candidates that show honesty, values,
and principles it is your job to provide these candidates.

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