Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is the real cost of a "Cap and Trade Act" Clean Energy & Climate Bill?

Even if we use the ultra low estimate of "a postage stamp a day or $170 a year", That amounts to $7000 per household by the year 2050. Many sources have confirmed that if the Act works it will reduce the climate by a few tenths of a degree by that same year. Does 7 Grand sound like a good deal for a few tenths of a Degree?

If the Heritage Foundations estimates are correct it could double the average homes electricity bill and increase gas bills by over 50%. That would be allot more than $7000 by 2050. These figures don't say anything about the job situation. The Obama administration would have us believe that Green Jobs are going to save us. What about the jobs we will lose when big Manufactures move out to avoid this new huge cap and trade expense?

This is the same exact plan Spain tried. It failed, badly. something like 1 in 10 jobs created in Spain were sustained. We would need to create a sustainable job for each and every job the U.S. is going to lose just to stay even. Since no one knows which companies will leave the U.S. there is simply no way to determine yet if this will be the case. This of course also mean there is no way to determine if we will grow jobs as President Obama has promised.



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