Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PBS to End Religious Programming!

Well Score another point for the anti-faith movement in one of the largest Muslim Countries in the world. Is this really were we as a nation are moving towards. Anyone that knows me well knows that I am not a very faithful person, but I have respect for those that do. I have no problem with those who wish to express their faith have outlets to do so, and if PBS wants to allow this there should be no restriction in place that would hinder that action.

The real question here is why now. The so-called rule has been in place for some time now. PBS has never worried themselves over it until now. Why Now? Who is making this happen?

I'm going to look closer into this one. I suggest everyone who loves freedom do the same. Maybe we can overturn the rule that's been in place for 25 years. Then PBS wouldn't have an issue at all.



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