Sunday, June 14, 2009

David Letterman Fired, come on really?

What David Lettererman said about Sarah Palins 14 years old Daughter and the comments he made about Sarah Palin herself were down right deplaurable. I have made several comments about these jokes myself, and I think perhaps they deserve an appolgy. People need to speak out and make it known that these kinds of things are not funny. Especailly making sexually expliciate jokes about a 14 year old girl or even a Governor.

Many people have now tried to defend Letterman saying he thought it was the older daughter. Well I don't believe it. MAYBE the writers didn't realize the younger daughter was with Palin, maybe. But Letterman was all to willing to throw the joke out there. Even if he thought it was the older daughter that doesn't make the joke any more tasteful.

The real injustice here is that the Liberal Media makes these kind of of statements ALL THE TIME! Just recently Playboy released 2 Top 10 Lists. The Hate F*ck List
(Which has been pulled due to negative spin)

And Also a list of Men to Lorena Bobbatize.

These are obviously very crude atempts at social satire, which can be very destructive as they are basically wish lists for fantasy assult.

As much as I don't like to see this stuff I'm not sure that we need to see people lose their jobs over it, well at least by way of being fired. These people as ridicoulous as they are, can share this kind of hateful ignorant speech if they must. They can use the shield of comedy and satire if they wish. It's up to us as citizens to decide what is acceptable and choose our entertainers and commentators accordinly. If they loose their jobs it should be becasue no one is watching them anymore. When you decide to read news, make sure you are only getting facts and not spin. When you catch a news outlet adding spin to news you should choose another news outlet. Commentators or course have a little more lattitude as they are people paid for their opinion. But even these individuals have a responsibility to be fair and not use prejudice. When they do, it's us that gives them the abiliity to continue.

Rachel Maddow called me and those like me Tea Baggers. She went out of her way to paint a nasty picture of Tea Party Particapiants going soo far as to calling us all racists. This is obviously a distoration. She is entitled to her opinion but when she inacuratly spins the movement she losses credibility.

Madonna uses her stage venue to share her hate of Sarah Palin. Rappers follow suit.

David Letterman makes sexual jokes about 14 year old.

The wrong way to handle this is to demand they be fired. This only harms freedom of speech and is a commom tool used by the Liberal Left when they choose to point fingers at the other side. When we see this stuff WE need to STOP supporting them. When their cash flow dries up and only when this happens will they realize the mistake they've made.



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