Thursday, June 18, 2009

Public Health Care is GREAT!!! really?

If only I were a Latina who lived in a Christian Nation instead of a White Latino living in one of the largest Muslim nations, I might be able to understand how so many people are following the idea that the Universal Health Care plan President Obama is pushing will be a great service to this nation. I mean anyone who can come to the conclusion that a single payer system will do anything other than destroy the private system is simply not following very closely. Look at the facts and you will see a much different story than the one being pushed by the likes of ABC News.

The idea that a single payer public option system would crush the private system was cheered here in IL when proposed by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (9th, IL), by those at a rally when it was pitched. This is the ultimate goal of the far Liberal Left. They want to see the private system fall, this would drive more (Everyone) people into the Government plan and create a situation were they depend on the Government. I don't know how much more clear I can make this. Liberals believe as Obama does, that government can do better than the private sector when allowed to control.

Understand this. I'm going to make a prediction. If this plan goes into effect, we are going to see a period of time where things are going to be great. Maybe as many as 10 years. People are going to feel Public Health Care is the best thing since sliced bread and canned beer. Liberals are going to say those stupid conservatives were trying to scare every body, and see it's all OK. Then when more and more people leave their private sector plan and move into the public sector, large providers will begin to fall. The public system will be overwhelmed.

This is when the horror will begin. Hips won't be replaced, knees follow suit. Cancer treatment for the old, sorry. This may sound like a worst cast scenario but it's really not, just look at England and Canada. This is exactly what's going there.

Here is another prediction. The people who go to Mexico for Health Care will be the smart ones. Good Doctors who actually want to make some money will move to Mexico where they can charge free market rates and be able to send some cash back to their families in the U.S.

I have a solution to the Health Care problem in this country. I have not heard anyone else speak about this so maybe I'm the first. It seems like the real issue is the expense of health care and the difficulty in obtaining it. If the Government needs to be involved why not regulate the industry a little, just enough so Insurance companies can't Cherry Pick the people they cover. Make it so they can't deny coverage simply due to pre-existing conditions. Make it so they can't jack the rates up when you do. This would make it necessary for the large providers to sign up more people in order to hedge the added cost of those who have conditions.

This would lower the cost for company plans making it easier and more accessible. This would also make it more accessible at a lower cost for people who's company didn't provide a plan. Then and only after these measures are put in place, we could create a new plan for those who still can't seem to obtain insurance. This plan would only be available to those who show evidence of not being able to obtain coverage any other way.



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